Understanding CS Theory Research

I shall start posting what I could make out of the recent research articles from theory conferences and journals of my interest next weekend onward. The intention is to keep a public record of my understanding with a possible feedback from anyone interested in updating any shortcomings of my attempt. Each week, I hope to have covered 3 papers that I feel will prove to be seminal, at least in terms of the core idea.

My current interest areas are Cryptography, Computational Complexity Theory, Information and Coding Theory, Number Theory & Computational Algebra, Computational Geometry (Topology) and (Machine Learning only if something as interesting as Capsule Networks or GANs appears). I hope to learn a lot during this journey (for as long as I can carry on), so I am very excited.

If I find readers who engage in online discussions (and hopefully avoid phone and face-to-face conversation), I will start taking votes on what to read next week.



Most trees you’ll see in Computer Science literature are rooted on top and spread downwards. Why do CS folks call them tree then? Well, common wisdom is that they never went out of the room, so they never saw a real tree.