Blessed in irony

How many of you have heard of Sunita Williams? I guess almost all. Indian media is going-gaga over her achievements. Why not? We the Indians believe that she is an Indian, er… of Indian origin. Believe whatever you want to! So, I came to know that she has set another record. Congratulations Sunita!

About that record, Sunita herself says,

It’s just that I’m in the right place at the right time.

Well… she is absolutely spot on! That record is just a blessing in disguise. Or should I say a blessing in irony? But that is not to take anything away from Sunita’s credentials. She has had a glorious career as a space athlete. Earlier this year, Williams broke the record for most spacewalk time by a woman by logging 29 hours and 17 minutes in four space walks. The previous record was held by Kathryn Thornton. In April, she also became the first astronaut to run a marathon in orbit.

All of this, the hype built by media, makes me wonder if anybody knows about an old mathematician who just attempted to solve the most important problem of mathematics and failed? Oh, I get that failed attempts don’t make news! But then, why did space shuttle drowning in a large pool of water do? Is it because there is public money involved? Is it because of the glamour of that stream of science?

Leave a comment if you have answers to my previous questions. Now, let us just talk about successful attempts. How many of you have heard of this guy? Believe me, he is as much an Indian as Sunita is… or of Indian origin (to be “politically correct”).


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