On Smoking

More bullshit, this time from England:

The new law, which came into effect at 0600 BST, is intended to cut deaths from second-hand smoke.
Doctors estimate second-hand kills more than 600 people a year,

as mentioned here.

People getting killed due to second hand smoke and thus invoking a law — that is as arbitrary as anything, e.g., banning all the personally owned automobiles that run on fossil fuel on the roads — as roads are public places — because the emissions kill. Now that I just mentioned it, I’d like someone to estimate the count of how many people actually die due to automobile emissions they intake.

Don’t give me that age-old bullcrap that smoking doesn’t help in any way, but automobiles do, and we can’t live without automobiles. I’ve lived without a motorbike or a car so far, and I don’t see any need in the future. I’ve seen majority around me living that way. Talking of utility, why not just ban wars, or the nations like UK, USA or France for inflicting useless wars/colonialism around the world killing millions over the ages? Why not just ban the mankind for it kills [animals] if it has to survive?

When asked about quitting smoking, Mark Twain once said,

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.

If not thousands, someone has done so 14th time. Yes, he quit smoking today, or that is what he claims which he has been successful holding so far, even after 6 hours since he is awake. Not because it is Canada Day, or not because second hand smoke kills people — he just does not care if somebody lives or dies. Why should he? He did it because he wanted to test himself. There was nothing more testing, so he chose quitting smoking.

So what makes him think that he’d not go back this time? Well… strategy! It is the strategy that he has followed this time to finally say no. The day, June 8, when he decided to quit, he smoke 23 cigarettes thinking what would be the best plan. This is what he came up with, and followed it dutifully:

  • Cut down in steps, maybe a cigarette less everyday. June 9th to July 1 and down to 0 from 23. Good going.
  • Whenever he felt the urge of having a smoke, he chose to sit in front of computer playing some FPS (Quake 3) game or solving some mathematical puzzle.
  • In the case when it was not possible to do so, playing a computer game, he’d just pick up a cigarette and flip it over and over between his fingers, or may be put between in his lips, but won’t light it up. He’d keep delaying more gradually. For die hard cigarette-lovers, just being in the vicinity of cigarettes is sometimes enough. A cigarette makes them dispel the feeling of loneliness for its presence with them.
  • He, eventually in the final few days of smoking, stopped buying packs. So every time he wanted a cigarette to be with him, he’d have to walk a kilometer or so in a hot summer afternoon to fetch one. That is almost the same pain as not having a cigarette.
  • He told a few of his close friends about his decision of quitting, and every time he went out eating or shopping or partying, he made sure that one of them went with him, so that they’d stop him buying a stick in case he forgot about his decision.

So how (is life/will life be) without cigarettes,” I asked him. He thought for sometime and then said,

I smoked one yesterday, yet I did not feel anything remotely remorseful. But today it is a whole new story. That jump from one cig to zero cig is like a quantum jump, very improbable to come by and very unstable. I don’t know what I’ll do when I don’t have anything to do. Damn I’ll feel alone. Cigarette was ‘the last-resort friend’. When I could not find anybody to talk to, I’d light one, and joke to it telling that it’d die in 5 minutes, and I’d die in 50 years, but we both would die gradually burning ourselves. And know what? It understood my feelings. It provided me that mental balance that I never had on my own, and only it could provide me the courage to say Adieu to itself. It was a villain – or a vamp – but it kept telling me what dangers I’d be in if I were to be its friend. It was a true friend indeed! I damn sure will miss my friend.


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