Wimbledon: Soberling vs. Nadal

Why the hell do I mention only this match, conveniently choosing to skip the rest of the Wimbledon? Because, one, Nadal-Soberling match was probably the longest match in Wimbledon history; it was not over for some days. Second, the match itself was good. This year, there has not been (yet) as evenly matched encounter thus far in the men’s draw as this was. Third, I like this guy Soberling, or let me admit that I’ve started liking him after this match. For his game? NO WAY! For this:

Soderling, the Swede who trailed last year’s Wimbledon runner-up by two sets, started mocking his opponent, yanking at the rump of his shorts just as Nadal famously does throughout his matches.

I hate Nadal’s attitude and the way he shows his emotions in his games. I hate pumping fists and making noises, no matter whether one is winning or losing. Soberling, as he mentioned, was mocking Nadal for fun, but I’d like to see people moking Nadal to frustrate him.


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