On the verge of the new semester

  • Lay’s India’s Mint Mischief flavor sucks! It is just plain bad, as bad as Lay’s Kurkure. Don’t even try it.


  • I was an “outsider” for my own room today. 😦 The ceiling fan broke and they took it for repair. Life without a fan in the humid weather like it was today: impossible! So I was in the library the whole day. I asked somebody to arrange a standing fan, and now I’ve two fans! 😀 I’m not returning the other fan.
  • Lots of fresh(wo)men –some with beautiful faces and the rest with ugly– can be seen roaming all around the campus. Advertent, confused, intimidated, full of surprise gaze and a sense of awe and fear can be seen on these faces. I was looking for a book at the local shop, and I found a newcomer looking at me in periodic intervals: he’d look at me and if he found me looking at him, he’d rush to switch his gaze to the ground. I discount him the possibility that he thought I’d beat him up. I mean he must be smart enough to compare a hippopotamus (him) and barely a skeleton. Another freshman saw me and threw his cigarette. After these two incidents, I feel a little complacent. I think intimidate people. There is something impressive in my outlook that makes them shiver with a sense of awe in my presence.
  • A senior faculty member asked the question, “Why do we need graduate students who need their parents to come with them to get them enrolled at the institute?” He was expressing his discontent with the overtly pampered “new breed”. I agree with the negation hidden in his question: we don’t need such students. I saw a guy who is getting enrolled for his masters. He must be 20-something. And I saw the people who came along with him: 70-something grandparents, 50-something parents, a sister and a seemingly younger brother.
  • Britannia NutriChoice Cream Crackers are simply superb! Try them once. If you like sweet or salted biscuits, you may not like these.
  • Recommended Books:
    1. Perfectly Reasonable Deviations From The Beaten Track: The Letters Of Richard P. Feynman
    2. Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets


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