A Day of Chores

I registered for the new semester today, hopefully for the last time. The way the whole registration process was managed, there are only two possibilities that could explain the chaos, either the administration tried their best to make it as difficult as possible for the students, or the administration and office staff is extremely inefficient and incompetent. The latter sounds more reasonable. At one particular counter, a senior faculty member, whose job it was not, had to take it in his hands to manage it.

Oh, for me, the registration process is still not over. I went to get the chip of my “smart” ID card updated with the newer records only to realize that the chip was damaged. Now, if you look at the my card’s condition and my condition, you can easily conclude that I’ve cared for it more than for my life.

The staff member told me to pay a fine of Rs. 400 to get a new card. The institute gets these cards for about US$ 1 each which amounts to INR 41. I understand that they are slapping a fine on me. Why? I did not sleep on my card, did not put it under a ground-roller, did not use it even once for its “smart” capabilities. It is quite ironical that we don’t have any service that requires the use of a smart card, and still we have smart cards! All I used my card for was to show it to the security personnel placed at several check-points, e.g., library, computer center etc. and that too with its plastic sheath on it. I bet they won’t see my logic that chips bought for less than a dollar are not quite reliable and they can easily fail due to any reason, the liability of which should not come on a student. I’d have agreed with the fine if I had lost the card or if it was broken in 2 pieces.

So I’ve decided that I’m not getting my card updated whatever the consequences may be, unless, of course, they waive off the fine.

Edit:  I have spent a long time at this place, and that time is nearing its end. So I’m planning to document all the anomalies I’ve seen, and I’ve seen more here than at any other place, so that people get to understand the reality of the so-called “institute of national importance” and ask government the question if it is really worth investing tax-payers’ money here. It will be a (group) blog like documentation, with my friends as contributors.


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