An Ode to Antaragni Dude-Participants

[Disclaimer: This post is an effort in praise of that special breed of participants — in the IIT Kanpur annual “cultural festival”, about which there are only a handful things cultural — whose only talent is to take part in fashion events just because they can sport a trans-gender (read “gay“) look confidently. And of course, Atif Aslam.]

Let me start with “I salute their confidence!

October-November every year is that time of the year when one can count on the vicissitude of the season. Every IIT[K]ian or his/her visiting guest, barring the studious girls, admires the outside participation: the girls in their skimpiest possible outfits, and the way they get amused watching their bodyguards (dudes, in transsexual outfits) act around them.

This year’s dude-participation was, as expected, overwhelming. One was a fucking moron. The majority of the rest were the personified versions of the following photograph:

A common Antaragni outsider

Everybody else, who is left out of the count above, won a lot of accolades and prizes for his sheer (real) talents. Kudos and heartiest congratulations to them. I particularly enjoyed listening to the participants of the competitions organized by English Literary Society and watching India Haat.


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