Music Management with MPD and GMPC

I’ve found the ultimate solution for managing my huge music collection of about 14, 000 tracks! Ditch your proprietary MS Windows or Apple Mac platforms… no wait, free software runs on them too. So, my custom Fedora 8 derived machine uses the Music Player Daemon (mpd) along with the Gnome Music Player Client (gmpc) the best interface possible (yes, iTunes is 1. proprietary and that is why 2. it is for gays) for all my digital music needs. The combination is extremely light on resources. I heard somebody added over 125, 000 files without a glitch. Moreover, mpd has several choices for a client if you don’t like gmpc’s approach. Besides, my bias for mpd, apart from its loads of features, is because it makes me do the things “traditional” command line way, writing configuration files and all. Here is a screenshot tour:

gmpc in system tray

GMPC - MPD stats
gmpc showing mpd statistics

GMPC - Playlist
current playlist in gmpc

GMPC - Filesystem Browser
filesystem browser

GMPC - Artist Browser
artist browser

And here is the best part:

GMPC - Song Information
Complete track information – includes artist photo, album cover, lyrics and other albums by the artist.

And by the time, I finished editing this post, the postman delivered last two editions of SIAM News. Time to catchup with the latest in math world.


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