KDE 4.0 Release Candidate 1

The first release candidate (a.k.a 3.96, codenamed “calamity”) of “the next big thing” in desktop environments, KDE 4, was announced yesterday. Get it here. This follows the 4 betas and 2 alpha test releases. If building the sources is too much work for you, you can help the community by testing KDE4 based live CDs of either Debian or OpenSUSE, and reporting the bugs you encounter. For the starters, you can check some old screenshots (of beta 4) here.

KDE 4 Desktop

Apart from the tech-bits, the Oxygen Team announced the winners of the wallpaper contest, unveiling the wallpaper collection for KDE 4.0. You can download the winning entries here. With all that desktop eye-candy, I can hardly wait!

Apart from the awesomeness of free software, check out following awesome reviews of the most popular desktop operating systems of the entire universe:


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