Bloggers must…

  1. enable full text feeds. Publishing summary of your posts in RSS/ATOM feeds (partial feeds) must be avoided at all costs. The oft arguments in support of partial feeds is that they increase the traffic on your weblog, thus gives you the chance to earn by way of audience clicking the text advertisements on the website. If you are publishing a blog to make a buck or two out of it, you can do better than that; you can include ad links in every post of your weblog, so that it is seen even in the feed of the blog. That way, you’ll be increasing the chances of more clicks through — both through feeds and site visits.

    Apart from that, feeds are the only reliable way for a website with dynamic content and if you publish partial feeds, say with 100 words of every post, you just can’t be sure whether the audience will be interested in that post, unless you are very good at cooking up Hitchcock-like titles and content in just the introduction of your post.

  2. allow anonymous comments! If you are scared of spammers, there are ways to thwart them away! You can either have captcha for your comment system or use some anti-spam service; Akismet for WordPress is very good!

    Why are anonymous comments important? The idea of blogging –unless it is a corporate blog with interest of a particular group in a particular way– at the very core of it is to share your thoughts with the world and, in the process, to know what others think of those views. Anonymity is one of the central planks the idea of blogging is conceived upon. If you want to write to document your memories and/or for a certain group of people, you should make your blog private. I agree with the argument that sometimes anonymous comments are gory and uncalled for, but you always have an option to disapprove them.


1 thought on “Bloggers must…”

  1. Amen! I completely agree with your points, specially regarding comments. The blogosphere is one big global conversation and the ability to get your readers reactions is one of the defining points of blogging. I also agree that if you want to post something which you would really rather not receive negative comments on, then it should be made private. That’s what I love about my blog. It lets me set the privacy of each individual post so I can restrict access only to people I choose. I’m a huge believer in providing deeply granulated privacy. I think it makes the “conversations” more meaningful. Being able to select your audience focuses the writing for the audience that you choose which results in much better content. Anyway, just sharing my 2 cents! Have a good day now. Blog on!

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