Skin Type and UV Index

According to Cancer Research UK, my skin type is ‘Type IV’, which means that it rarely burns, often tans. It tends to have dark brown eyes and hair. Being a dark skinned person, I have a very low risk of getting skin cancer. The primary reason of skin cancer is the UV exposure. I just came to know that in Kanpur, today’s UV Index is 4/16 (current temperature is 40\,^{\circ}\mathrm{C}), which according to this chart, is “low” for my skin type. That means I do not need to have any skin protection today. That certainly does not mean, no matter how much I’d like to, that I should strip down to my skin and wander around naked in front of the girls’ hostels; if I do that, I might not get skin cancer, I’ll surely end up in hospital bed for dehydrated muscles.


1 thought on “Skin Type and UV Index”

  1. But wouldn’t it be a hoot to at least just try it out once? I’m also a type IV and the idea of streaking has crossed my mind once or twice. Concern for others is what stops me. I fear that a naked me running would scar anyone’s psyche forever.

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