The Moral Policing Brigade

[Disclaimer: Following post deals with a sensitive (to some, and ridiculous to others) issue. Everybody has some opinion or other, and mine is this: I really don’t care if cheer-leading (especially, in clothes that cover entire bodies) should be allowed in other sports or not.]

Did you hear about the recent row on “obscenity” in Indian media? Sure you did! Here are some snippets for the uninitiated [It sounds more appalling in Hindi, so… 😉 ]:

चीयरलीडर्स की अदाओं से नेताओं के दिल जले [Courtsey: Navbharat Times]:

बीजेपी ने चीयरलीडर्स के प्रदर्शन पर बैन लगाने की मांग की है। इन्हें क्रिकेट की आइटम नंबर करार किया जा रहा है। चीयरलीडर्स को खास तौर पर अमेरिका से बुलाया गया है। इस बात पर फिल्म स्टार और बीजेपी नेता शत्रुघ्न सिन्हा बहुत नाराज हैं। इसे ‘भौंडा नाच’ करार देते हुए सिन्हा ने कहा है कि इन मैचों में क्रिकेट ढूंढना काफी मुश्किल है और इससे खेल का मजाक उड़ाया जा रहा है
[Translation: BJP has demanded to impose a ban on the show put up by the cheerleaders. They are now said to be the item numbers of cricket. Cheerleaders are called from America specifically for IPL. Film actor and BJP leader Shatrughna Sinha is very angry on this matter. Calling it an obscene dance routine, Sinha said that it is hard to find cricket in these matches and the sport is being ridiculed.]

Dear [Sinha] Sir,

I should not be the one to remind you that you were a co-star in this movie. If you remember that fact, you might also remember that the notion of (pardon my language) “garmi denaa” (heating up a man or woman by way of intercourse) was conceived in that very film. Sadly, the intercourse part was never shown in that movie (I wish…), but everybody got the point there. You did not object then! Did you? I mean I’m not sure as I was not born in those times. Not just that movie, there have been several others in which you acted (in lead or support) and had ‘भौंडा नाच’ in them, in form of cabarets. I agree that cabaret is an art form, but were those required in the story lines that you worked with? Besides, one can never prove that cheer-leading is not an art form.

I’m impressed by your sound knowledge of the sport! Did it ever occur to you that cheer-leading is also a sport? Cheerleaders even have an association that recognizes it as a sport! I agree that IPLT20 is not a cheer-leading championship, rather a cricket championship, but so is politics meant for the policy decisions for the betterment of the state, not moral policing. Why don’t you just stick to your chosen field of work, or just go fuck yourself?

महाराष्‍ट्र में ‘चीयर गर्ल्‍स’ पर चकलल्‍स [Courtsey: IBN 7]

ये नेता चीयर गर्ल्स पर पाबंदी के लिए सदन में प्रस्ताव लाने के हक में है। महाराष्ट्र भाजपा के प्रदेश अघ्यक्ष नितिन गडकरी तो चीयर लीडर्स के मुद्दे को विधान सभा तक ले आए हैं। गडकरी कहते हैं कि चीयर गर्ल्स के कपड़े और नृत्‍य दोनों ही अश्लील हैं। जब डांस बार पर सरकार प्रतिबंध लगा सकती है तो इन पर क्यों नहीं? गडकरी का कहना है कि यह मुद्दा महिलाओं के आत्मसम्मान का है इसलिए इस पर राजनीति नहीं होनी चाहिए। हर पार्टी को एक साथ मिलकर इन चीयर लीडर्स पर प्रतिबंध लगाने की बात को उठाना चाहिए।
[Translation: These leaders are in favor of bringing in a motion in the house to ban cheer girls. Maharashtra BJP president Nitin Gadkari has brought the matter even to the state assembly. Gadkari says that both the dance and clothes of the cheer girls are vulgar. If the government can impose a ban on dance bars, why not them? Gadkari has the opinion that this matter concerns the self-esteem of women, so there should not be any politics on it. Every political party should come together to call for a ban on these cheerleaders.]

These cheerleaders? Mr. Gadkari does not seem to be happy with the ones cheerleading right now. He wants more! Jokes apart… Admittedly, I do not know of what Mr. Gadkari thinks of women (apart from the matter at hand). “There should not be any politics on this,” oh, come on! It was your party Gadkari who raised concerns on what people should watch, or do. There was no concern before you guys cried in public. Amazingly, BJP never raised an eyebrow on whether the youth should use cocaine or not! Why would it? There is one Mahajan who was caught in a cocain use/possession case. Right?

Political moral brigade targets cheerleaders [Courtsey: CNN-IBN]

Opposition leaders in the legislature on Wednesday said that if bar dancers were banned for promoting immorality then cheerleaders were no less obscene.

“The way the cheerleaders dance in the cricket match is very vulgar. It is even worse than the bar dancers. NCP, especially R R Patil, should say whether they are going to ban the cheerleaders or not,” said BJP president, Maharashtra Nitin Gadkari.

And here is the killer! “Saare Desh ki dulaari” Rakhi Sawant also has a point-of-view on this matter.

She was baffled on the way cheer-leaders dance their way through fours and sixes! [Video Link] I’ll not include Ms. Sawant in that moral policing brigade. All she wants is to strip to survive — the act that has earnt her a lot of “fame” and money. How could these ‘firang’ chikni ladkiyaan come down to her backyard to snatch even the last bite of her rozi-roti? भय्या, उसके पेट पे लात मारोगे तो वो कुछ भी नही बोलेगी क्या?


3 thoughts on “The Moral Policing Brigade”

  1. क्रिकेट से ज्यादा चीयरलीडर्स ज्यादा मनोरंजन कर रहे हैं, और ज्यादा समाचार कवरेज पा रहे हैं. बढ़िया है!

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