“next door lust” for “rakhi sawant”

… or “next door lust” for “shahrukh khan desktop pics”? It has to be either one of these three that defines the popularity of this blog. The quoted ones are the search terms used to reach this blog. I was rather puzzled imagining what kind of lust a “next door lust” is. So I Googled a bit and the top link was this. This should not come as a surprise since the “content” provided on that website is, if not the most, one of the most searched keywords… Here is what that website claims:

“Here you will find high quality photo galleries of the most beautiful and sexy amateur girls! Enjoy our collection of hot wifes and girlfriends. And please don’t forget to BOOKMARK US due to regular updates.” [Emphasis added]

The third link in the search pointed to this blog, due to this post. That was a surprise because I never expected that high a ranking for my blog with that search phrase.

A close fourth is “photos of cheer girls of ipl”, something which sadly I myself could not arrange to  be put here… wait… that was until now. I will rectify that mistake here: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the photograph of the best cheergirl of the IPL! [Photo courtesy: BubbleOnFire]

Preity Zinta in an IPL match

And the one that follows is put here to make “preity zinta pics” the defining search phrase. Here our (my) favorite cheergirl is trying to show why she is the best in the lot by accentuating certain parts of her much envied body.

Preity Zinta accentuating her bosom

With a pinch of salt, I accept that cheerleading skills of our (my) favorite cheergirl are not enviable as opposed to her fencing skills, as evident in the following video.

And the rest:

Rajasthan Royals IPL cheerleaders


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