Muslims and Indo-US Nuclear Deal

You would wonder what relation do a religion and a strategic/political decision, especially the Indo-US deal, have. So did I. Well, wonder not! Thanks to ‘the rock stars of Indian politics‘ (pun intended) Mr. Amar Singh, and Ms. Mayawati, you fathom the truth,

With the nuclear deal receiving the backing of all the important centres of Islamic learning like Bareli, Saharanpur, and Bahraich, the BSP is jittery.” — Amar Singh in this report.

The nuclear deal is anti-Muslim and the Samajwadi Party has taken a U-turn on the issue.” — Mayawati in this report.

Mohammad Sajjad clears the doubts further in his article,

So, why did this question emerge? It emerged because the Left Front is resisting the deal tooth and nail; and its consistently strident opposition to the majoritarian anti- Muslim communal politics in India (represented by political formations like the BJP, Shiv Sena) is something that attracts the Muslim vote.”

“Similarly, the Samajwadi (literally socialist but in practice its politics hardly go beyond narrow casteism) Party also expects significant support from among the Muslim electorate. Amar Singh therefore insisted on propagating that he has obtained a ‘no-objection-certificate’ from the Muslim theologians. It sounded quite ridiculous because: (a) theologians are no experts on the economic and political impact of the nuclear deal, they are rather meant to express their opinion strictly on theological issues, (b) the debate around the nuclear issue has been taking place in Parliament and in media for the last two years and even more. Yet, the 39 members of the Samajwadi Party in the Lok Sabha preferred to remain blissfully ignorant and chose to understand its implications only after having decided to extend support to the Congress-led ruling coalition of the UPA.


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