News media in America

There are several jokes and cartoons on the web showing how little an average American knows about the World minus America. Is there any element of truth, or are all of them mere jokes? Going by the kind of news American media serves these days, there could be some truth in those jokes. Here is a report, ‘How does the news shape the way we see the world‘:

The world as seen by an average American
The world as seen by an average American

2 thoughts on “News media in America”

  1. I agree with everything she said. I hate turning on the television and seeing things like Britney Spears stepped out with no underwear or when they try to be more professional and talk about other people they still make silly stories about a hand bump with Obama and Michelle. I really wish that journalist and the media up their game.

  2. The situation is not much better in India either. Most of the TV news in local languages promotes dogma or reports lives of celebrities (read actors) most of the time. It was not always like this.

    Who is to take the blame? Partly the masses and partly the corporate culture in the news media. Majority of the Hindi-speaking (or Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam or Kannada for that matter) population is that section of the society that has grown into a position of financial security very recently, due to the economic reforms. When you have ample to eat, you hardly ever care about world problems like hunger, war and disease, because those aren’t the problems they face any more. When the stomach is full and the brain is empty, one wants to live in an unreal dream like world –the world in which (s)he feels important, placing him(her)self into the movies-like dreamy situations. They want to live like film stars, and for that they need to know what they do in real life.

    Media conglomerates realized it the day Indian economy opened to the world. The news, which used to be the sacred part, suddenly seemed like a commodity to sell to them. The show that used to be run by reporters and editors saw its control shifting into the hands of businessmen. The corporate culture, something we loathed in pre-reforms era, became the hip thing. The ‘American Dream’ was no more American; it became more Indian than it ever was American.

    With the economy world over going slowly into recession, inflation rates soaring, the day is not far when we are back to square one. We will face the same problems, and be more concerned about them. But the corporations will remain, and to make money they’ll sell what we shall like to watch more–the reports that concern them.

    It is sad that we’ll have to resort to the social evils (poverty, hunger and disease) to follow the right path, but that’s the way of life, I guess. All revolutions stand their ground when the people waging them are suffering.

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