Rock On!!

…with two exclaimation marks! We are talking about the movie.

Rock On!!
Rock On!!

Clichéd for the same old happy ending. That should be enough for a spoiler. Happy endings bore me. Almost always! Surprisingly, this one did not. Here is the rest of the story in very few words:

Four young dreamy-eyed musicians. They split. The lives they are living after their once the next-best-thing band, if not miserable, are unhappy. Ten years down the line, they come together to perform one last time. It is not a musical. (Well, almost all Bollywood flicks are somewhat musical; that much is this one too.) It is about musicians. It is not just about musicians. It is about musicians who live their lives in oblivion. Common, not so happening lives like machines, in which no one is happy. A frustrated wife for her husband doesn’t earn and lives in a dream. A husband-wife couple who live their lives under the same roof, but are poles apart. A drummer who gives in for his father’s business, and a keyboard bassist who works as an unsatisfied musician working with a Hindi film music composer. Old friends unite  to live their dream and that is the message it conveys.

The reasons for why ‘Rock On!!’ did not bore me: Common lives. Common people. Fued among friends  is somewhat realistic. Nostalgia (yeah! Surprising that the nostalgia factor was something, in this particular case, that actually made the it catchable). Decent music. Tight performances. Dialogues! I simply loved the brilliant scene when one of the band members sings Gloria Gaynor‘s ‘I’ll Survive’ and asks one of the leading ladies to sing a song. The oblivious expression and the dialogue delivered with the same feeling of unease was brilliant!

Lekin mujhe gaana nahi aata.” [But, I can’t sing.]

Upon much deliberations, she gives in saying,

Mujhe English gaana nahi aata.” [I don’t know any English songs.]

… and then goes on to sing, ‘Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh…’ I can’t forget the perfection in the expression on the actresses face.

I will stop any further comments here, for I’m going to recommend it to you. Although, not at par with some older flicks in terms of surprise, appeal and portrayal of the lives of common people, it is a refreshing change after a long time. Oh, you belive in stars and ratings? Here is mine: 7 out of 10. Well that’s quite a lot, for I’ll rate ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Dil Chahata Hai’, ‘No Country for Old Men’ and ‘Juno’ the same.


3 thoughts on “Rock On!!”

  1. In a nutshell, here’s a film you just can’t afford to miss. We’ve had our share of masala films week after week. Now have a look at a film that India can proudly showcase to the West. ROCK ON!! simply rocks!

  2. ROCK ON!! is not just about music. It’s about relationships. And relationships can get really complicated and messy as all of us would agree. ROCK ON!! captures it so beautifully, so sensitively, so effectively on celluloid.

    Everything is in sync here, everything is just perfect. Flaws? Perhaps, the slow pacing. But come to think of it, you can’t play with the edit in a film like this. ROCK ON!! also works because you can relate to the characters, you can relate to the moods, the egos, the highs and the lows.

    SO ROCK ON!!

  3. Right! I get that you are either one among the film publicity/production team, someone related to one of them or liked no movie other than ‘Rock On!!’ Kidding. 😉

    Yes, it was a lot better than the junk that has been served in recent times.

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