KDE 4 Proxy Problems

[Disclaimer: This post is a rant of a person frustrated for too long. No attacks or bad name to OSS is intended and it is directed only to KDE4 and its successors. I’m as staunch a believer of the philosophy as anyone could get.]

It has been well over 7 months since KDE4 (4.0, and now 4.1), but the basic networking is broken as yet. It, the bug report, started with konquerer forgetting proxy settings. See this bug. I was very excited with the early looks of KDE 4, but this bug has made the entire experience one big let down, a definite showstopper! It happens now that KDE4 (and it’s successors) are just about looks and lack basic functionality. I tried several options mentioned on that page, including applying the mentioned patches, trying a hand at hacking it on own and everything under the Sun that I could do. And that when, I don’t claim to be Eric Raymond or Linus Torvalds., or even Mr. Macieira. Although the problem is partially solved now, some of the applications (KGet, e.g.) don’t work yet. I guess I shall stick to my fluxbox+fbdesk setup for quite a while.

There’s no telling “when”. It depends on when I have free time and the will to work on this task. — Thiago Macieira on Bug#155707, one of the “people behind KDE”.

If it is not apparent to the developers yet, let me reiterate it: This bug should top their priority list, not the eye-candy. And what’s with that attitude? I mean 7 months is just too long a duration. Even Apple and M$ don’t take this long to patch a bug. [Yes, I know their employees get paid. So what? Linux kernel, BSDs, Firefox (talking of large projects) and many other smaller ones are some of the better examples to follow, at least in fixing the most basic bugs.]


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