Why should Indian media be sued?

I mean it! Someone must sue Indian media. There is a word that religious fanatics often use against rationalists; it is called blasphemy. Blasphemy is what is being served to India’s population by the news media; the main culprits being IBN7, India TV (there is nothing Indian about it, believe me!), Aaj Tak and Star News. Until Sep 10, the day when the LHC was fired for the first time, these news channels were running a story (literally — it was nothing more than a fictional story in the name of news), spreading panic among the masses about an ‘impending doom’. As an outcome of their “brave” efforts, a girl committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh. Rediff reports the unfortunate incident here.

A 16-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh allegedly committed suicide after watching news about the possibility of the end of earth, following the atom-smasher experiment in Geneva that began on Wednesday.

Needless to say the girl was gullible, but that is what news channels expect from the majority of population in India. If you don’t believe me on the ‘quality’ of stories they run, there is a skeptic like me who gives the first person account of what Indian media is serving on National TV:

“Yeh Mahamachine hain ya Mahadaanav?”
[“Is this a Great Machine or a Great Demon?”]

The first confirmation of what I’ve always suspected! Scriptwriters of Ekta Kapoor also write for IndiaTV! In this case, those who wrote “Kahaani Humaare Mahabharat kii“, surely produced this gem. Come on, the two sets are one… There cannot be so many awesomely stupid people in the same country. Those who work for Ekta Kapoor work for IndiaTV. QED.

Agar Machine ka dimaag fir gaya toh?
[“What if the machine loses its mind?”]

Some English news channels are also not too far in reporting what I call bullshit! Take CNN IBN for example. They are running a story calling the LHC ‘the big bang experiment‘. It is not a big bang experiment. I repeat it: Stop thinking of LHC as a big bang experiment for fuck’s sake!

Even if I ignore some odd cases of some gullible fools –which I can’t however hard I try– I can’t ignore the bad name these news channels bring to science and scientists.


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