Kickass news of the day: ‘Sanjivani Booti’ found in Uttarakhand

How gullible can Indian press and population be? Here is an example quoted from a vernacular daily, ‘The Hindu’:

‘Sanjivani Booti’ found in Uttarakhand: Ramdev’s trust

Dehra Dun (PTI): Baba Ramdev’s yog trust has claimed to find “Sanjivani Booti” from Drongiri Parvat in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

Describing it as a big achievement, Baba Ramdev thanked the team members led by Acharya Balkrishan, who found the herb following a trek to the hill.

Acharya Balkrishan said Sanjivani Booti has properties of four different herbs like Mrita Sanjivani, Vishalaya Karni, Sawarn Karni and Sandhani.

Prof Hariram Pandey, an ayurveda expert and Kaushal Kumar had accompanied the team which trekked to Dronagiri early this month. The team returned to Haridwar yesterday.

Sanjivani Booti gets mention in the holy Ramayana when Lakshaman was injured during the fight with Meghnaad. To revive him, who fell unconscious, Hanuman flew to Drona Parvat and brought the Sanjivani.

Reading this news item, one of my friend asks if this country can get any  stupider? Little does she know that it is not stupidity. I, myself, found “Amrit” while I was trekking, but chose not to bring it back with me, for I think it is more interesting to live and then die than to live forever.

Anyhow, Ramdev is the man! I believe it is mentioned in Ramayana, with Pictures and taxonomic rank classification of all the herbs they used, so Ramdev‘s men could precisely identify Sajeevani Booti.

Put the past behind, and let me be savor this moment of joy as a result of the discovery of 21st century. Finally, we have found the cure to everything! Rest of the world can go ahead and develop its biological/nuclear warfare and go to hell.


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