Political and Social Fallout of Tata pulling out of West Bengal

Alright. I am not an expert on West Bengal politics. Anybody who has many friends who hail from that, in the words of Ratan Tata, “terrific State”, and who kept track of the recent happenings there can draw the similar conclusions and ask similar question as I will in this post. There has been a lot of drama, and too much at stake. There have been riots, people killed, agitations, disruptions, intimidation, fasts, dharnas and what not! Everybody is talking of Tatas pulling out, but nobody the plight and future of Singur farmers.

Hurricane Mamata arrived, leveled the field, and committed a political suicide. There are several questions that need to be answered before talking of political future of CPIs and Trinmools.

  1. What happens to 13,000 farmer families whose lands were acquired? Tatas promised them jobs and money in return of their land. Now with no jobs and no land good enough for cultivation left after all the concrete infrastructure raised there, what are they supposed to do?
  2. Where was Ms. Banerjee when the land was acquired? Why did she choose to intervene now? Yes, I know! 400 families, right? Did they ask for help?
  3. Buddhadeb government’s role in the whole incident is more than just dubious. Alright, dear Buddha-da wanted WB to progress, but that could have happened had they not used the heavy ‘communist’ hand. IMHO, government should have kept away from the land deals, and should have let the local bodies and committees negotiate with the capitalist czars.
  4. How much money and resources are wasted to get zero output from this exercise?

What happens to the jobless farmers now is an easy guess. Their role in the war of giants is over! What happens to their children nobody cares about. Some shall die of hunger, and rest shall end up embracing violence in their quest of survival. Call them nameless martyrs, if you will. There will be social unrest, even riots, to say the least. So little for the ‘economic revolution’.

As I said, Hurricane Mamata did, as hurricanes always do, bring destruction with itself. Little did she know, as hurricanes never know, that she would have to settle eventually. It is time that she settles. Although now she understands that she is in a situation that is best described by the popular phrase, ‘Catch 22′. It is evident from her dubbing Tatas’ decision as a “a political game plan of the State Government and the Tatas”. She conveniently chose not to mention her political game plan when she decided to put her ugly little leg into the matter. Game over Mamata!

Someones loss is someone else’s gain. But surely not of the ruling WB government. The pullout is a very bad example of their plans of the so called economic growth. It will go down, in the memory of the WB masses and the investors, as nothing less than gross incompetence. It is the voter of WB who should ask the right questions to the government, “Who will invest in our state after whatever happened, whoever’s fault it was, in Nandigram and Singur?” “What happened to the promise of more jobs to the youth?” Not just the economic, there are several other concerns, both social and administrative, that tarnish the image (as if it was not already) of the ruling party in the state.

Whose gain is it then? At what cost? The states like Gujarat and Karnataka, where the fascist governments will graciously embrace Tatas. At the cost of a few thousand more farmers and their families. There will more dharnas, fasts, police shootings, riots and killings, and Tatas will probably get what they want. Poor will eat shit in the high stake games between the centers of power and the centers of capital.

Hail democracy! Hail capitalism!! Hail Socialism and Communism!!!


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