Queen’s Gambit Accepted

Here is a bad example of accepting Queen’s Gambit. The guy who was playing against me lost that way probably because of his lack of experience.

1.  	d4  	d5
2. 	c4 	dxc4
3. 	e3 	b5
4. 	a4 	c6
5. 	Qf3 	g6
6. 	axb5 	cxb5
7. 	Nc3 	Bb7
8. 	Qxb7 	Nd7
9. 	Nxb5 	e6
10. 	Nc7+ 	Ke7
11. 	Nxa8 	Ngf6
12. 	Rxa7 	Ke8
13. 	Nc7+ 	Ke7
14. 	Qb4+ 	Nc5
15. 	Nd5+ 	Kd6
16. 	Qxc5#

old variation
Queens Gambit Accepted: old variation

The opponent should have resigned after my (white’s) 6th move, noticing his Queen’s side weakened. After winning the above game I was curious to see if that happened in some earlier high profile game. I found a similar game that dated back to yr. 1620 between Gioachino vs. NN, with only the (white’s) 5th and 6th move altered in sequence. That particular sequence of opening moves is ‘the old style’ of ‘Queen’s Gambit Accepted’.


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