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Things are not kept private or just-for-non-commercial/for-personal-or-academic use on this node of the world wide web (www). If you wish and find anything worthy posting some place else, for any purpose whatsoever, please feel free to do so. The web is yours, after all! Sure that’ll cause some redundancy in the blogosphere, but what the heck! Entire www is redundant anyway. You are not required to attribute with the link to this blog or my name, although if possible, please drop me a comment on the relevant post/pages. No rights are reserved. Any possible copying in every form onto any medium, electronic or non-electronic, is encouraged.

Before proceeding further, note that you must be at least n years of age, where n = the required age in your household to read/hear/say F-words like funeral, forgetfulness, fairness, firewall, football, foolish, and yes, fart and fuck. If your parents/guardians check history in your browser to monitor what habits you have acquired surfing, you may be in big trouble. In that case, you may want to switch to this browser to surf in “Incognito Mode“. Although you can always retort by calling them Fascist freaks, but that’ll cause a feud in your family for which I do not want to be held liable. By reading the views on this site

  1. you may be spoiling yourselves, especially if you believe in the notion of the just world and some God. Your God may end up subjecting you to His/Her wrath by frying/roasting you on the hot plates of the hell your religion conceives the idea of. You may not get your seventy-two virgins. Or if you are sure you will, they may be of different sexual orientation than yours.
  2. you may end up infesting your house with termites, rot your teeth, grow hair on your palms and ears, and paste innuendo in your CV right before a job interview!

Copyrights, civil rights, trademarks, company names, Christian names, Jewish names, Hindu names, Moslem names, Bush names, Brown names, dog names and rights of ownership are respected. This blog is supplied as is. Any liability of economic, moral, physical, psychic, para-psychic, paternal, maternal, dumbness, numbness, lots of spam in your mailbox, malware on your computer or any other nature is not my responsibility. No cruelty to animals was intended. Disrespect for religious, racial, social or sexual baises is always intended. If you find anything offending or politically incorrect on this blog, it is purely a figment of your own imagination. Most major credit cards accepted; just send me your card number with other relevant information.

Don’t say I did not warn you, man I totally did, right here!


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